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Go to Configuration ⇒ Accounts from the sidebar. Then Six settings will be there to configure, Options, Single Sign-On, User Verification, Password Strength, Roles, Permissions.


Go to options, here two options are available.

  • Customer SignUp: Enable this option to allow customer registration from the website.
  • Customer default sign up status: Active and Pending status are available. Users will be verified during registration in the system with the selected sign-up status.

SSO Service

Go to SSO service from the sidebar.

Configure Google API Settings

To set google API for Artifism follow the following steps

1. Go to page at first to set google API.

2. Click on new project, write down your project name & create new project.

3. Wait until the project not created successfully. After create project name select your project name from project folder to do next procedures.

4. Now you have to enables your APIs, so Go to Navigation menu – APIs & Services – library.

5. search Google + API and select it.

click on Enable.

6. To create credentials go to Navigation menu – APIs & Services – Credentials

click on Create credentials – OAuth client ID.

Step 1: Choose which Application type you are using and where you will calling the API. Then

Step 2: Create OAuth client id.

  • Put your web name

  • Copy your site url & put it in Authorized origins like

  • Write the Authorized redirect origins like

  • Click on create .


  • When you copy your site url and put it in Authorized origins please remove the last backslash (/). As for example:

See the screenshot below for better understanding.

Your API Credential is now created. Now need to create OAuth Consent Screen for your APP

Note: OAuth Consent Screen is the name that user will see when they try to login via Google in your site.

Step 3: Go to Navigation menu – APIs & Services – OAuth Consent Screen

  • Write your product name .

  • write your User support email .

  • Write your App domain

  • Write your Developer email then Save it.

8. Go to Navigation menu – APIs & Services – Credentials

in OAuth 2.0 Client IDs section Click edit option to see your Client id & Client Secret Key.

Copy Client id & Client Secret and Put it on your Admin panel – API Credentials – Google client id & Google client secret

The process is Done.

Configure Facebook API Settings

To set Facebook API follow the procedures-

1. First, log in to your Facebook account, go to the page, and click My Apps.

2. To create your app, Click on Create App.

3. in Type please select Allow people to login with their Facebook account and click Next.

4. in details insert your App name and email then click Create App

5. Now you can see your dashboard.

6. Click on Build your app -> Product and then click on Configure -> Settings.

7. Set your Redirect Url -> Click on Save changes -> Click on Quick start

8. Choose the platform you want to use this app.

9. Fill-up all necessary field and click on save button.

10. Now go to App Settings -> Basic and you will get your App Id and App Secret.

11. Now click on Publish -> Go live and fill-up all necessary field and click on go live

All Process is Done.

User Verification

Go to User Verification.

There are three ways to verify the users, OTP(one time pass), Token, and Both(OTP and token). Users will be verified during registration in the system with the selected verification way.

Password Strength

Go to Password Strength.

During the password creation process, the strength of the password will be assessed based on the activation of the available options. Feel free to activate any of the options and customize the minimum password length according to your preference, and click on Save to save the changes.


Go to Roles. Two roles are here - Admin & User.

Here, Admin can add roles and edit roles.

To add roles, click on Add Role button, and a form will appear. Fill the form with valid information and click on the Create button. After that, the role will be created successfully.

To edit roles, click on the Edit icon, and change the information according to your wish and click on the Update button. The information will be updated successfully.


Go to Permissions.

Every functional activity access can be determined by Admin. Admin can access everything in the system. His/her permission to access any activity can not be changed. But admin can change customers access permission accordingly.


  • Here, Cross(X) indicates permission denied and tick mark(✓) indicates permission accepted.

If a new activity/module is added to the system, then Click Generate Permission to generate the access permission for that activity/module. And permission can also be searched.

Default Package

This feature will allow you to give a Registration bonus for generation content, image, character and audio to your newly registered customer. Using this you can give a bonus to your newly registered customer, not for already registered users.This is a one time plan included credit plan.

You can control this from Artifism’s admin panel. For this, go to Artifism’s admin panel ⇒ Configurations ⇒ Accounts. After that, Click on the Default Package tab to get the default package page.

Here initially the Default package for customers is switched off. You can disable/enable this feature by clicking on this switch button.

For the initial setup you need to switch on the Default package for customer. After that, you will see a form below. Here you need to set up a package as default for all newly registered users with a name and limits of features. After setting up click on Save button to save your changes.


  • If you switch off this feature after using several days. Your newly registered won’t get any registration bonus. But customers who already have this bonus can use their bonus.

Customers who have a registration bonus. They can check their own balance from the Customer panel ⇒ Account ⇒ Credits. After having a Registration bonus. If a customer purchases a credit plan then the remaining balance of the registration bonus will be added with the purchased credit plan balance.


  • Registration bonus balance won’t merge with Subscription balance. If any user have both then system will reduce balance according to Balance Priority setting from admin.