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User Manual


WAMP Installation

  • Download and install WAMP stack from the official website (
  • Make sure to select PHP version 8.1 and MySQL version 8.0.31 during the installation process.

Project Setup

– Clone or copy Artifism project to the WAMP server's www directory, which is typically located at C:\wamp\www or C:\wamp64\www on Windows.

– Create a directory (ex: artifism) in the www directory. Now extract the zip file into artifism directory.

– Go to localhost/your-directory-name/install from your browser to start the installation. Example: localhost/artifism/install

Then, follow the steps as mentioned below:-

Check Server Requirements (step-1)

Check Folders Permissions(step-2)

– You must give permission to some directories.

Verify Envato Purchase Code (step-3)

if purchase code is verified, you will see the Database setting page (step-4).

Enter your database credentials.

– Enable Dummy Data, if you want dummy data available in your database.

– Once you have completed filling credentials, please wait for few seconds.

You will be passed to (step-5); otherwise, please re-check your credentials and hostname. (usually hostname is localhost but you should check in your phpmyadmin)

– Enter your admin name, email and password that will be used for login.

– Click “Create User”; if the installation is successful, you will see the message Installation Successful. Then login to the system with your user credentials.