User Dashboard

After login with the valid email address & password, a user redirects to the user dashboard page.

From the dashboard, users can see the statistics of the created document, image & code monthly basis and also the user can go easily for image created & code generation. Also, can go to the documents, image history & code history page from the short dashboard of the page. And here also users can see the total number of documents, code & image generated. User can also see the generated recent document, last created image, subscriptions. A user also can chat with a chat bot. And also can see the popular templates list.

To chat with a bot, click on the chat with the AI icon. The chat section will appear on the page.

Notes: To chat with a bot or create a document, image or code, a registered user must buy a subscription plan. Otherwise, he/she can’t create documents, images, code and can’t chat with bot. An unregistered user also can’t do it without registration & buying a subscription plan.

If a user didn’t buy a plan and wanted to chat, then it showed a message to buy a plan.

To buy a subscription plan, Go to Account ⇒ Subscription from the sidebar.

After clicking on the subscriptions, the subscription page will appear. Click on the All Plan button.

After clicking on the All Plan button, it redirects to the user in the pricing page into the landing page. Now, click on the subscribe now button according to your wished plan.

After clicking on the subscribe now button, it redirects to the user in the payment gateway page. Choose your wished payment option from available options.

Fill the required information with valid information & click on “Pay with gateway name”. After clicking on this button, the user finishes the subscription & a success message is seen on the page.

If a user again wants to renew his plan, then click on the Renew Plan button to renew it again.

From the Current plan, a user can view how many credits he/she used for word & image according to his/her chosen package, also can see how many credits are left from his current plan.

Users can also see the billing & payment status i.e. billing price, billing status, billing cycle & next billing date. Users can also cancel subscriptions and can change plans according to their wishes.

After subscription is done, a user can now generate images, create documents & write code as well as can also chat with bot. Now, if a user wants to know any information, when they write and ask it to the bot then the bot replies with the proper answer quickly.

A user can delete his chat according to their wish, also can edit the chat title. User can also do new chat & also can view chat lists.